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EYD's CEO awarded Most Innovative Tech CEO 2023

EYD's CEO, Louise Helliksen were recently awarded "Most Innovative Tech CEO 2023" in the prestiguous influential Business Woman Award by Acquisition International.

This is the eight year this award is given and Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson took a moment to comment on the success of the winners: “I applaud our winners for their tenacity, sincerity, and passion for their respective businesses and fellow human beings. Regardless of the challenges faced as women, these individuals have worked hard and risen to the top – so that they may influence and aid the rest of the world. Congratulations.

See full press release from Acquisition International. 

Acquisition International aspires to seek out and celebrate the most exceptional businesswomen from around the globe who are making a positive impact in their industries and communities. These women are trailblazers, innovators, and role models who are leading the charge in their fields and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

As women continue to excel in the business world and become an increasingly integral part of the global economy, Acquisition International believe it is important to recognize and celebrate this fact.

As each year passes, both women-owned and women-led businesses are contributing more and more to the social, environmental, and economic prosperity in their business across the globe. For instance, women-owned businesses contribute £105 billion GVA (gross value added) to the UK economy, an increase of 40% since 2012. Employment in women owned businesses has increased by 26% to 2.9m. Women started 49% of new businesses in the US in 2021!

"I am humbled to be given this reward amongst several extrordinary business women out there! I work to inspire other women wanting to create their own business and acknowledge the impact we can provide to the business world ", says EYD CEO Louise Helliksen.

From entrepreneurs and executives to nonprofit leaders and educators, our awards programme recognizes women of all backgrounds and career paths. We believe that diversity and inclusivity are crucial to driving progress, and we are proud to honour women who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations.

As ever, the Influential Businesswomen Awards is open to all female business leaders everywhere, regardless of how long they have been in their current position and size or age of their business. Our awards are entirely merit-based, rather than the number of votes received for each individual.

Our dedicated in-house research team will analyse all information available in the public domain. The judging process is conducted methodically as the team strive to reward firms based solely on excellence demonstrated in their chosen industry, the standard of their products and their commitment to service.

The following statement was given about Louise:

Louise Helliksen is the CEO of  EYD, a recognized privacy enabling service provider. Louise is an experienced business and innovation leader, lecturer at the Norwegian Business School with a Master of Science and Executive Master of Management degree. Before founding EYD in 2018 she was the Innovation Director in TietoEvry and has worked across sectors and technologies. She has a passion for innovation with a belief that privacy is the next competitive advantage of businesses.

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