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Privacy made simple.

Get the help and tools you need to get an overview of your business.


Get the overview your business needs for

only 9.999,- NOK

Get started easily by gaining an overview of the company's handling of personal data.

This is what you get:
Group 538


Free Consultation

1 hour of free consulting from our privacy expert.

We explore:

  • The handling of personal data within the company.
  • The securing of information within the company.
  • Compliance with requirements and guidelines, such as GDPR


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Digital Tools

Tools that help you get an overview and to be in compliance with requirements.


  • Mapping how the company processes personal data.
  • Creating the necessary processing records.
  • Providing a secure channel for receiving and processing requests for access.


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Access to webinars, podcasts, and newsletters that increase your competence.


  • A series of webinars.
  • Podcasts covering professional and industry-related topics. 
  • Newsletters with the latest updates in the field of privacy.

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About EYD 

EYD is a company specializing in privacy and security. The platform offers a range of services and solutions to assist businesses and organizations in meeting privacy requirements and protecting personal data.

EYD works to deliver comprehensive solutions, including access services, consulting, privacy management, and training. Our services are designed to help businesses address privacy challenges, comply with regulations, and build trust with customers and partners.

With expertise and experience in the field of privacy, EYD ensures that businesses can process personal data lawfully, efficiently, and transparently.